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New York

Taxi drivebyWe're just back from New York, and the Flickr set is now up. Thanks to my old camera crapping out on me I'm now the proud owner of a Sony 200. So the first few photos are when the I could get the CCD in the old Canon point-and-shoot to work.

Our trip was full of great sights, shopping, food and drink - much downtime was spent at the Campbell Apartment sipping Manhattans and my new fave, Sazeracs. We also happened to be there at the same time as Marc and Eva, so we had fun hanging out with them, including a dinner with Pere and Isabel in Williamsburg. Foodwise, we gorged ourselves on everything from a cool little Phillipino cafe (Bayan), and a very nice Korean/Japanese place (Busan) that had just opened around the corner from our hotel (Apparently it's so new that they don't even have a web listing anywhere! How can I promote them if they don't have a web address?).

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Playing around with Painter again

Over the years, I've toyed around with Painter, ever since it was made by Fractal Design (now developed by Corel), at a few different periods. Its completely different than Photoshop, as it is made to replicate the experience of natural tools and media. Really, it is only worthwhile when combined with a drawing tablet from Wacom. Even though I'm not much of an artist, I find that I can get pretty attractive and interesting results by combining some of Painter's best 'cheater' functions (like cloning colours from a source photo) and my own amateurish brushstrokes with the tablet. For example, I painted this chipmunk from a photo I took of our little visitor on a hike in Whistler a few years back.

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33 Years in Rovaniemi

This isn't the most timely entry, since the anniversary party was over a month ago. But now we have the pictures to prove it. Bruce, Nicolas and I celebrated the anniversary of our combined 33 years in Rovaniemi. We all arrived on the same day, Aug. 31, ten years ago for Nicolas and me and 13 years ago for Bruce. We rented out Lauri hall and had an absolute blast. Special thanks to fellow foreigners Michael and Mike for the band. You rocked.

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My Schmap Photo

I was recently contacted by a company called Schmap, who are pretty neat web-based and downloadable city guides. It seems they found a grainy, blurry photo I took with my cameraphone of the Depeche Mode concert last year at Hartwall Arena on my Flickr page. So now my photo is one of the pictures illustrating Hartwall Arena in their guide. I guess it looks pretty cool in thumbnail size. Good strategy on Schmap's part plugging in to online social networks in this way to drum up word-of-mouth among the digerati. I've already noticed others who received similar requests as I did are also blogging about Schmap, so it looks like the strategy is working for them.

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Greetings from Denmark

Just came from the Nordic International Studies Association conference in Odense, presenting my "bucket" paper and now hanging out for the weekend in Copenhagen. The city is just as nice as I remember, and always lots of things going on (including a Caribbean carnival parade today). I missed out on Korean Palace two nights in a row, but just had a great dinner of roe and filet mignon at Restuarant Zeleste. One of the best meals in a long time. So until next week...

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Photo Update: Kola Excursion

The final photo update from my spring travels comes courtesy of the Kola Peninsula, also known as the Murmansk Region of the Russian Federation. This was my fourth time bringing the Arctic Studies students on the Kola Excursion, and we had a great adventure as always. Of course, the views start to repeat themselves once you've done this trip half-a-dozen times, but who gets tired of looking at industrial deforestation? See the whole set here.

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Photo Update: Akureyri

Geothermal Power Station, Myvatn, IcelandOnly a few pics this time from the 'middle' trip to Akureyri, although it was actually the longest. I was invited to teach in the University of Akureyri's social sciences faculty, and gave lectures on community based research, Q method, socio-economic development in the North, and circumpolar international relations. I also gave a public lecture using an overview of some of the definitional issues around indigenous peoples in international relations and international law, based on my PhD research. Quite fun, although I had a nasty cold for most of the time. Hope I get to go back again soon.

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First photo update: Barcelona

After a seemingly interminable period of travel (Inari, Barcelona, Akureyri, Murmansk) with only scant days in between to wash underwear and repack, I'm finally getting around to putting some of the photos online (and updating the blog, of course). So first up are the photos from the only non-work trip of the bunch, the winter escape to Barcelona and various places Catalan. The Barça-Liverpool Champions League match was all the excuse I needed to go visit Marc and Eva in their newly renovated flat. While the end result of the match wasn't that great, the rest of the trip was. We even got out of the big city for side-trips up to the beautiful coastal town of Cadaques and down to Tarés for a spring calgots (spring onion) party at Dani's. Enjoy all the photos in Photospace.

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Pielpajärvi Hike

I got back from some time in Inari last week and the highlight was a solo hike out to the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church (Pielpajärven erämaakirkko). The church dates from 1760 and was in use until the end of the 19th century. Because of the early winter we've had in Lapland, the conditions were pretty great for the hike. Soft light, new-fallen snow, frozen ground, and ice forming on the lakes and streams. I took some pretty good shots, especially around the church and old settlement area as the sun started to break through the cloud. I also spotted a Three-toed woodpecker (pohjantikka) making its winter home. Check out the whole set.

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Sun Ring

While walking to the university after lunch on Friday, the sun was surrounded by an amazing corona ring because of the crisp cold air and lots of ice crystals (I think, I'm no meteorologist). It was seriously intense, and even the edge of the ring looked as bright as the sun normally appears in the sky. I managed to snap a few photos with my cameraphone. At least one of them turned out pretty well with the full ring around the sun.

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Back from Berlin

Domkirche at MidnightI spent my remaining vacation week visiting Jussi in Berlin. Perfect break before the academic year starts. Besides doing lots of shopping in cool arty clothes stores and second hand shops in Prenzlauer Berg and beyond, we had some great meals, and a couple memorable chess matches at Yes. I also got to finally meet Jussi's girlfriend Jing, her lovely friend Sindy, and Jussi's friends Cameron and Amanda from San Francisco. Saturday was the perfect culmination of the trip, with a tourist boatride on the Spree, and Lang Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums). All the main museums in the centre are open until 2am and there is a single entrance fee. We even climbed up to the top of the Dom at midnight for some nice views of the city. I've uploaded a few photos onto Flickr.

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Photospace troubles

I noticed only today that Photospace isn't really working. It seems that Flickr went and changed the format of their photo URLs and totally screwed up the Flickr-Gallery plugin for Wordpress, which I also discovered is no longer being developed or supported. Instead, the author recommends the FAlbum plugin. Alas, there is some problem with the initialization of the plugin that I can't figure out, and it's not working either. So for the time being, just check out my photos at their original Flickr home. Sorry for the inconvenience (not that anyone else had actually noticed). UPDATE: Ok, I should have read the requirements more carefully. I needed to upgrade my WordPress installation, and now things seem to be working. The template style sheet is a bit borked right now, but you can at least see all the photos.

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Found Photos from file sharing

While not as scary as sharing your tax return on Kazaa, most people don't think twice about sharing personal photos. Found Photos presents some often random moments of peoples lives through photos found on popular file sharing systems. There's a strangely compelling voyeuristic pull to the site that keeps me coming back for more. The scientist in me has also made some preliminary observations:

  1. people are generally uglier and stupider than portrayed in tv and movies

  2. it is natural human instinct to give the camera the finger
  3. most amateur photographers are either crap, very drunk, or both

Impartial reproduction of results and peer reviewed article to follow...

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PhotoBlog Changes

I finally got around to setting up a separate "sideblog" for my photos. I'll use it mostly as a "moblog" ("____+blog" terms are getting close to the saturation point, don't you think?), but also post the occassional nice new photo from my Flickr account. Right now the layout will be the same for both, but I may differentiate between the two in future. Also, there's no archive page for older PhotoBlog entries. For now, only the latest three will appear in the column to the right. I won't bother deleting the PhotoBlog entries from my main blog yet, but let them pass into the archives in their own time. All new photo posts will go to the PhotoBlog.

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Halloween Party

halloween 281

Because Finland is weird, Halloween is celebrated on Pyhäinpäivä (All Saints Day), instead of the more traditional (at least in North America) Oct 31. So that's the reason my latest Halloween party photos were taken yesterday.

Marc was back again, and we decided to give Olgasm and Ramona a rest. I went (sort of) in the opposite direction, as a Chippendales stripper. Somehow it took on a weird Freddie Mercury twist with the moustache. Marc chose to express his masculinity as a flower (complete with a nice home-made bee). Outi appeared as a grasshopper and Teemu as a mummy. Anna and her Dutch friend Nicole showed up as a clown and Charlie Chaplin.

Now you have the scorecard, enjoy the photos!

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Hell Yeah

Mfop's refusal to save my entry titles hats caused me to search for a replacement. Tho I think the weird inability of my phone to send an email subject line might skewer that on Flickr too. But it looks like another cool toy. UPDATE: So after having this phone for almost a year I actually figured out how to insert a subject line into an MMS message. Now I'll see if Flickr is any better than MFOP for my moblog. For now,time for bed.

UPDATE UPDATE: Thanks to Jay, Marc, Teemu, Kristyn, and dad I actually managed to get a three-month trial Pro membership. I guess this means I can start uploading bigger files! Flickr haven't announced their price structure yet, and I don't know what the eventual bandwidth use will look like, but this should make the transition easier anyway. Five successful invites in less than 12 hours. Thanks guys!

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Return to Moblogging

Well, after bringing back my phone from the dead (twice in three months!), I'm ready to start moblogging again. To tell the truth, writing blog entries from my camera phone has never worked that successfully. Probably a combination of the fact that I don't "blog" that often, so there's no pressing need to submit an entry during those extremely rare occassions when I'm away from an internet connection. The other difficulty is that MFOP refuses to add the title to my entries. Something about the formatting that gets stripped away when I send from my phone. So just ignore the entry below. I'm hoping MFOP's creator, Kevin Cameron, can check things out and set me straight.

For now, I'm using another of Brad Choate's excellent MT plugins, MTIfEmpty to generate a fake title, but it's far from a perfect solution as it doesn't actually create a value for $MTEntryTitle, but just puts something else where it would otherwise go.

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Barcelona Photos

The wait is over. A fine selection of photos from my New Years trip to Barcelona and environs (including the adventure into "Deep Spain") is now available at PhotoSpace. You know what to do.

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