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Coolest Online Haberdashers

I've somehow gone from being very reluctant to ever buy clothes online to a voracious online fashion shopper. Along the way, I'm collecting a small select list of the very coolest online clothes boutiques for us men. Strangely, many of the coolest placest online are maybe not in the places you first might expect. Belfast, Manchester, Aberdeen, and Newcastle (not London), Brooklyn (not Manhattan- ok ok, Brooklyn is already cooler than Manhattan), Malmö (well, also Stockholm), and Ballard... seriously, Ballard?!? (Malmö) (Belfast) (Manchester) (Ballard, Seattle) (Vancouver) (Brooklyn) (Stockholm) (Newcastle)

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Happy 80th, Steve

Life Magazine, Unpublished photos of Steve McQueenToday (March 24, 2010) would have been Steve McQueen's 80th birthday. Through my father, Steve McQueen also became a hero of mine even if I barely remember his passing. Like few others of any era, and so rarely today, he simply embodied cool without ever seeming to try to cultivate it. These photos express what has been lost in the decades we've lived without him.

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Plants vs Zombies

While Teemu and I are slaughtering our fair share of zombies (technically 'infected') in Left 4 Dead, another eagerly anticipated zombie game gets released today... Plants vs. Zombies. This is the latest from PopCap (so it promises to be just as addictive as Peggle) and there's been a lot of buzz, thanks largely to a brilliant teaser music video. In an interview with the game designer, he mentions that the zombie dance moves in the video are modelled after none other than the legendary Åke Blomqvist instructional disco video that went viral a while back. Check it out. [youtube]

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