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Stuff White People Like

Well, more like, "Stuff American middle-class liberal hipster white people like", but the blog (and now book) Stuff White People Like is often scarily acccurate when it comes to pegging the narrow conformity of their (our?) tastes:Vegan/Vegetarianism, Apple Products, Microbreweries, Not having a TV, Bottles of Water, Outdoor Performance Clothes, Religions their parents don't belong to.

So many of these are attempts to take the high moral ground (to "do the right thing" while establishing your own superiority) without any of the real effort involved in taking real action. Though, as the entries come from multiple submitters, the quality (and humour) is a bit uneven with some pretty poor or bordering on offensive.

Reading it, I'm equal-parts affirmed and embarrassed in how dead-on many of these are. Affirmed, in recognizing common contempt for many of these traits I recognize in others, and embarassed at the sheer number that apply to me. The full list currently has 120 entries of 'stuff'. Do the test (my white friends): how many apply to you?

Posted on January 17, 2009 and filed under Blogging.