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Bellini Recipe

So one of my missions on my trip to Vancouver was to get Milestones' Bellini recipe. Kristyn, Christer and I did our Shabusen all-you-can eat sushi on Tuesday and then headed to the Milestones on Robson for Bellini Night. While their menu and web page claims "A cool blend of Lamb's white rum, peach liqueur and champagne, topped with sangria" we discovered that the "peach liqueur" is actually peach drink flavour crystals mixed with 7-Up. So, for those of you playing at home (as I will be this weekend having picked up my Lipton's peach crystals), the recipe is:

  • 9 parts 7-Up mixed with peach crystals (frozen beforehand)
  • 12 parts champagne
  • 4 parts white rum
  • "Sangria" topping (red wine, 7-Up, brandy, orange juice)

Milestones mix it all up in a slushy/slur-pee machine and slurp it out into a martini glass, then pour the sangria around the edge, and top with a plastic monkey (if available). The sangria goes slushy too, and brain- and stomach-freeze soon follow.

Posted on September 29, 2004 and filed under Drinks.