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How to Discover New Music, pt. 1

As something of a music geek, my friends often ask how I find out about new music in this largely post-radio world (and I would argue, post-MTV since they don't play music videos anymore anyway). The simple answer is of course the web, but the full answer is naturally more complex than that. Since the topic is a bit to much for me to handle in one post, I'll share a resource in each post for as long as it takes me to cover all the web sites, RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, and software I use to help me discover new music. This won't be an exhaustive list, or a 'perfect' solution. There's a tonne of music out there, the Internet and mp3s have simply made it too easy to make and distribute new music. This is generally a good thing, as it breaks the creativity-crushing stranglehold that top 40 radio and the major labels held over music promotion and distribution in the past. But now things are arguably too open. How can one find something valuable among the seemingly infinite masses of new music "out there" on the web. What we need are some helpful filters and guides. A word of warning: let your own taste and instincts continue to be your own guide. Don't be too swayed by the influence of music reviews or aggregated 'popularity' charts.

To start, I'll simply list the main resources I use in a list format and go into them in more detail (and likely add to them) in future posts.Music news and reviews

Music Blogs

Mp3 Blog Aggregators

Recommendation Services

Online Music Stores



Music Software

Posted on September 24, 2008 and filed under Tunes.