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Yacht Rock

Perusing the info on the new Pitchfork 500 book, I noticed a reference to sidebars that included 'Yacht Rock'. Whatever could the musical genre of 'Yacht Rock' be, and how had I missed this seemingly essential cult reference. Peeling off the layers of the Yacht Rock oevre (the smoooooothest sounds of late 70s soft rock) revealed the golden nugget of the Yacht Rock series on Channel101. The homemade show is features a 'bad on purpose' style, but its lowbrow humour reveals some amazing interweaved connections between Yacht Rockers like Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross and Hall & Oates. Truly inspired. Now excuse me, while I get back to my smooth tunes.

Posted on December 3, 2008 and filed under Tunes, Web Weirdness.