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Bedroom Reno

bedroom.jpgThe continuing evolution of my apartment took a bold step forward with... colour! My walls are a very nice and neutral textured beige wallpaper. The bedroom has been the most unfinished part of "the pad," with nothing yet on the walls. What better way to change the look of the room than to splash some colour around. I decided a nice burnt orange would do the trick, and I think it looks rather good. Now I'm reluctant to put any of my old furniture in there. I may look for a new chest, or something to replace the easy chair that I never sit in. I think a couple nice vintage art prints on the walls would complement the new rough orange look, too. Any comments from the amateur (or professional) interior designers out there?

Posted on December 14, 2003 and filed under Flat, Photos.

Yukon Ho!

The first leg of the Canadian adventure is over. Despite the lovely image here (click for a larger view), I had only a limited opportunity to view the wonderous Yukon wilderness. For the most part I was stuck in a hotel having endless meetings from breakfast til late at night. Now I'm firmly ensconsed in my parents basement, and trying to cram in some visits on weekends and evenings. Plus of course doing an ungodly amount of shopping. I managed to drop several hundred on CDs and clothes in my first couple hours downtown. No regrets, tho. All great stuff, for example...

Definitely gotta check out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. No other way to say it than they ROCK! Well, I could say it another way, like The Stooges-influenced balls-to-the-floor guitar riffs, layered with sweaty Chicago-blues and Blondiesque vocals.

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Ghouls and Girls

Halloween 2003The Finns have a thing or two to learn about Halloween, but this year was a pretty good start! Teemu, Ansku, Johanna and I jointly organized an appropriately creepy shindig, with as many tacky decorations as we could get our hands on. The wisdom of dressing as Olga, or "Olgasm" as she became known, is still being questioned. As certainly will be my decision to publically display the evidence of my dual existence. I certainly had competition in the realm of body hair and five o'clock shadow from Marc, aka "Ramona." Check out all the evidence in PhotoSpace.

Posted on November 4, 2003 and filed under Photos.

More photos

A lazy Sunday afternoon, and a little time to work on the site. I added a cool little plug-in for Movable Type called mt-rssfeed that lets me display RSS newsfeeds through Movable Type templates. So the observant among you will have noticed some headlines from the BBC over in the menu area. I still haven't quite figured out how to use cron jobs to get the templates to update hourly, so the news feed is a bit useless at present since I have to manually update it. So instead I uploaded some new photos, from Nuuk and Akureri, into PhotoSpace, as well as some newer (2002) pics of my apartment. You'll be able to see that we don't always have snow in Rovaniemi.

Posted on March 9, 2003 and filed under Photos.

Content, believe it or not

So the keen ones among the intrepid two of you that happen to be visiting my site may have noticed that there's not really much here yet. A few links over there on the right that look like they might go somewhere interesting, but in reality lead nowhere. Well, the plan was to try to get the design right at the start, and fill in the content as I had the time (and interest). I don't even know yet exactly what will get filled into those links. The usual collection of my likes and interests: something about me, movies, music, football, some photos, and the fine city of Rovaniemi. All in good time. As of now, I have added another cool piece of software to my website management system: Photo Gallery. Takes care of all the annoying drudgery of putting my digital photos online. My gallery still needs lots of work to integrate it into the rest of my site, but it's the picture's you're probably after anyway. Just click on photospace bit of a random selection so far... my vacation in Croatia and Italy last summer, some shots of my apartment as I was moving in, and a lone aerial photo of Iceland. More to come, I promise. More of the North, too. Greenland, Baffin, Sakha, Svalbard, Murmansk. Been there, done that.

Feel free to comment on the pictures, too. (As I will feel free to DELETE them).

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The North (Imagine)

Sorry to say that this isnt working correctly. There's a lovely image of Nuuk at dawn, which brilliantly illustrates my vision of the North as 'space', but ImageMagick refuses to create a thumbnail. Never fear. Though it doesn't appear right here on the front page, as it should, you may behold it in (most of) its glory by clicking below. I promise to write more on the theme, and the view if I ever get it working.View image

Posted on February 20, 2003 and filed under Photos.