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Merry Christmas!

xmas_scott.jpgMerry Christmas everybody! My friend Sanna and I are here- attempting to cook my first Xmas turkey ever. No paper bag (sorry Mom), but I did find a plastic one! I just opened a little prezzy from the folks- blinking lapel pin magnets in the shape of the Canucks logo and a hockey player. Very cool, very kitsch. Took a while to get the magnet/battery combo right, but now we're playing with style.

xmas_sanna.jpgSo I just wanted to wish all of you (the one or two who actually visit my web page) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, wherever in the real or virtual world you may be.

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Oh, Canada!

ggkaraoke.jpgI'm sure that I'm risking treason in two countries by showing this, but here's what I got up to during the recent visit of the Governor-General of Canada to Rovaniemi. While Their Excellencies didn't join us, I did karaoke all night long with the Canadian and Finnish aides-de-camp as well as the Finnish ambassador to Canada. Thanks to my good friend Patty for passing this along. She's likely in more trouble than me if this gets out. :)

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The Beautiful Game

Kick-off time. The Premier League started action this weekend, and once again my mate Phil has set up the Gumby League at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. I ruled the roost for the first two years, slipped to a close second last year, and I'm off to a horrendous start after the first games. Eleven points. Ouch. The only thing saving me from last place was an incomplete squad from Phil's brother John. In honour of the new season, I've added FootieSpace, with links and news about the beautiful game. Enjoy!

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Who is Strong Bad?

For a while now, the only link I've bothered putting up on my site is to Strong Bad's email (at I came across it while surfing a few months ago, and I think Strong Bad is the funniest thing on the web. He is single-handedly responsible for a significant decline in productivity at my place of work. Everybody loves Strong Bad. Even Wil Wheaton. There's really no way to explain why he's so funny. He just is, and you have to check it out for yourself. My personal faves are 'Dragon' (TROGDOR!) , 'Japanese Cartoon', 'Little Questions' and the classic, 'Techno'. Collect 'em all!

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Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Hooray, it's up. This is my first attempt to make a site using exclusively CSS for layout. Still working the bugs out, so please have patience. Drop me a line if you notice something funky. Thanks to some great sites like A List Apart and for providing some great resources, and letting me rip off their designs. And now I have nothing to say. Just got back from our work trip to Levi, and made a small video to commemorate the occassion. Check out, 8 Miles to Levi (RealMedia™) [youtube]

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